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It was an honor to be a part of the YouVersion team for 5 years (almost 8 total for, while I was there we saw the app grow from an idea to over 135 million installs. Listed here are some notable stats, events, and technical stacks.

Overview of the Reach and Scale of YouVersion

My Role

  • Lead engineer and architect

  • Led the backend and analytic engineering teams for the past 3+ years

  • Spent a lot of my time researching and making core architectural decisions from both an infrastructure and software standpoint

  • Core software engineer on all of the backend software

  • Primary technical liaison with technical partners like Google and Neo Technology

Core Stack and Infrastructure

  • Linux on bare metal servers we managed

  • Python, PHP

  • Postgres cluster over 1TB in size

  • Multi-node Solr cluster

  • Multi-node Neo4j cluster

  • Gearman (horizontally scalable job cluster, built support to run jobs at scheduled times, and auto-retry jobs with backoff)

  • 300GB Memcached cluster

  • Google Cloud Storage and S3/Cloudfront for static resources

  • App Engine (APIs used: datastore, memcached, search, task queues, channels, logs, sockets)


*Numbers as of February 2014